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Smile Shopping: Finding the Right Orthodontic Provider for Your Family

This assessment includes 15 multiple-choice questions to help you determine the best orthodontic provider for you or your family. Each question has four answer choices, so it will only take a few minutes. There are no wrong answers, just select the one that most closely reflects your experience! Results will include suggested next steps and best practices for finding the right provider. Smile!

    Step 1 of 17 - Question 1

    1.) What type of provider is he/she?*

    OrthodontistDentistOtherI need to ask...

    Step 2 of 17 - Question 2

    2.) How did they get certified?*

    Full-time, accredited residencyA several-day or weekend courseThey aren’t certifiedI haven’t received that information

    Step 3 of 17 - Question 3

    3.) What made you consider this provider after meeting them?*

    They showed a high level of skill, training and expertise when we met.They have been our primary dentist for many years.They are the cheapest option out there.The reviews I have read about them sound good.

    Step 4 of 17 - Question 4

    4.) What was the office visit like?*

    It was very personal and I felt valued.There were a few things I was unsure of, but it wasn’t too bad.Overall, it was an unpleasant experience.I haven’t been to the office.

    Step 5 of 17 - Question 5

    5.) What is their reputation?*

    My friend/family recommended themI see awards and listings online or in printI can’t find anything about themI haven’t asked around yet

    Step 6 of 17 - Question 6

    6.) What did they say about long-term results?*

    Results are guaranteed and they have a policy in place for future shifting of teeth.They said I will be fine as long as I wear my retainers.They don’t guarantee long-term results.We didn’t address this topic.

    Step 7 of 17 - Question 7

    7.) Payment options?*

    Zero-down, no-interest payment optionsDenExtended payment plans with interestThird-party financing service (Care Credit, Springstone, etc.)Pricing wasn’t discussed

    Step 8 of 17 - Question 8

    8.) Have they treated cases like yours?*

    Yes, they talked about similar cases and/or showed me before-and-after photos.They haven’t but they are looking to another provider for help and/or performing research.No they haven’t seen one quite like this one but they are sure they can treat it.We didn’t address similar cases.

    Step 9 of 17 - Question 9

    9.) Will the recommended treatment correct your bite?*

    Yes, they said it would correct my bite problems.We didn’t discuss any jaw/bite issues.They said that many people have bite problems and it will be fine.I don’t know.

    Step 10 of 17 - Question 10

    10.) How did you hear about this provider?*

    My friend/family recommended themMy dentist and/or insurance referred meAdvertisement (online, mailer, coupon)Online research

    Step 11 of 17 - Question 11

    11.) Which of the following types of treatment did the provider talk about?*

    Braces or other types of semi-permanent orthodontiaHeadgearPermanent tooth extractionWe have not discussed a specific treatment plan

    Step 12 of 17 - Question 12

    12.) Which of the following issues did they most closely address?*

    A combination of jaw, bite, overcrowding, spacing and/or crookedness of teethJust the crookedness of teethWe didn’t talk about my specific issuesWe haven’t met to discuss

    Step 13 of 17 - Question 13

    13.) Have you had orthodontic work in the past?*

    I haven’t had braces, but I’ve had other orthodontic treatment in the pastMy dentist treated me with some sort of appliance or pulled my teeth.I’ve never had orthodontic treatment.I currently have an orthodontic appliance.

    Step 14 of 17 - Question 14

    14.) Do you have any jaw and/or bite issues?*

    No, I have never noticed any issues with my jaw.I have unexplained headaches and migraines, but I don’t know if it’s related to my bite.I have gum recession – my gum tissue is wearing awayMy teeth and/or jaws have significant pain. I have a hard time opening my mouth.

    Step 15 of 17 - Question 15

    15.) What do you hope to achieve through orthodontic treatment?*

    A straighter more attractive smile.Correct past treatment or continue treatment that was previously started.Address large issues such as jaw pain, headaches, and more.An incorrect bite.

    Step 16 of 17 - Question 16

    16.) Which of the following most closely describes your current situation?*

    My dentist told me to pursue orthodontic treatment.I am dissatisfied with my smile and would like for it to look better.I am in pain and have a hard time opening my mouth.I am unsure if I need orthodontic treatment but would like to learn more.

    Step 17 of 17 - Question 17

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